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The walled city of Mayapán, known as “Bandera de los Mayas”, is considered the last great Mayan capital. It has an extension of 4 km2, in which there are approximately 4,000 structures.
The city of Mayapán was built in the likeness of Chichen Itza. Its main buildings are a copy of the capital of the Itza. The constructive style incorporated elements of the architecture of Central Mexico, combined with traits inherited from the ancient Mayan cities. However, with the fall of Chichén, Mayapán developed a style of its own oriented towards the reworking of ancient forms. Its main building is called El Castillo, being a pyramidal basement of 9 bodies with a height of 15 meters, where an interesting phenomenon of light and shade during the winter solstice (December 21), identical to that of Chichen Itza, takes place. .

Tour duration: 4 to 5 hours

Pick up time: Anywhere in Mérida around 8:00 am in your hotel lobby

Water and snacks during the tour

What to bring:

Sandals, bathing suit, towel, biodegradable sunblock, underwater camera (if possible), your own mask and snorkel (optional), money, etc.


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