Yucatán State Day Tours

Safe and responsible travel, always.

As we get back on the road, we want to ensure our trips remain safe for everyone-for our travelers, our guides and for the people we visit along the way.

Therefore we only handle private tours, families and small groups.

Uxmal and Hacienda Museo Yaxcopoil

Explore Uxmal the ancient Mayan city of the classic period, located 62 km from the state capital, Mérida. Its name is said to derive from from Oxmal that means “build 3 times” in Maya language.

Hacienda  Yaxcopoil, one of the few haciendas that has been maintained in its original condition, here you will find antiques, machinery and other typical articles used during the hacienda’s period of splendor.

Mayapán and Cenotes

Mayapán is considered the last great capital of the Mayan culture in the Postclassic periode (1200-1450 AD). It is believed that the city had a population of 12,000 inhabitants. On the site and through the architecture you can see the strong influence of Chichen Itzá.

Swimming in a cenote is a life experience. Cenotes are reservoirs of water comming from underground rivers. They were considered as the sacred water (Zuhuy Ha) of the ancient Mayans and the entrance to the underworld.

Cooking Class in Seyé

A unique cooking experience at our base Casa Cha’ak in rural Seyé.

Enjoy the authentic food and flavors of our town, with a mixture of species and fresh vegetables from the area.
Cook with us and take the recipe with you along with the experience of this rich gastronomy.

Choose one our optional dishes such as relleno negro, relleno blanco, escabeche, salpimentado, pollo pibil, tamales, poc chuc, tikin-xic fish or the vegetarian brazo de reyna. Learn how to make handmade corn tortillas and how to prepare guacamole and sauces with chili peppers from our garden.

Cycling around Seyé and its Haciendas

Surrounded by haciendas and only 36 km from Mérida, Seyé is a suitable place to cycle in a local environment and get to know the rural life of  the Yucatán state.

Enjoy activities such as bird watching during the tour, visit some haciendas, enjoy the authentic gastronomy, tasting of Mayan honey and learn about native plants and traditional Mayan medicine, which is still alive in this region, at our base Casa Cha’ak in Seyé.

Chichén Itzá and Yokdzonot Cenote

Chichén Itzá was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988 and Wonder of the World in 2007, stood out as the cultural and political center of the old Mayan civilization and was one of the most extensive settlements in the north-central part of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Yokdzonot is located 13 mi. (20 km.) from the archaeological site of Chichen Itzá. In this tourist parador there is an impressive cenote with vertical walls 131 ft (40 m) in diameter and 147 ft (45 m) deep.

Ek-Balam and Valladolid

Located some 53 km (32 miles) northeast of Chichén Itzá, the site of Ek-Balam is a compact but impressive center dominated by a large acropolis and its principal monument, sak Xok Naah (the withe house of counting) in Maya language.

Valladolid is a hospitable city full of history and an exceptional colonial flavor. Enjoy strolling through its streets with its brightly painted houses, the neighborhoods with their churches and of course the imposing Franciscan convent San Bernardino de Siena.